Welcome to Kojiri,
the northern shore of Ashinoko Lake.

For meals, fishing experiences, and rental of fishing boats and sightseeing boats,
come to our shop,Ueno.

For meals, fishing experiences, sightseeing activities, and boat rentals at the lakeside of Lake Ashinoko in Kojiri, come to "Ueno".

Delicious meals made with carefully selected ingredients. We offer fishing experiences on Lake Ashinoko, rental boats for sightseeing and fishing, and activities such as shuttle services for visits to Kuzuryuu Shrine.

Dine at Ueno!

We offer meals made with seasonal, carefully selected ingredients and the abundant natural blessings of Lake Ashinoko. Our seasonal menu features limited-time dishes to enjoy during both the hot and cold seasons.

Fishing Experience
Boat Rentals

Speaking of Lake Ashinoko, fishing experiences blessed with abundant nature are popular. We offer essential fishing boat and boat rental services to enjoy fishing on Lake Ashinoko. Additionally, we also have swan boats for sightseeing purposes.

Activities / Shuttle to Kuzuryuu Shrine (Main Shrine)

We offer a paid shuttle service to Kuzuryuu Shrine, a highly regarded power spot in the Kanto region known as the "God of Matchmaking".